Doterra Wellness Advocate Step By Step Guide

Hello! Welcome to your Doterra Wellness Advocate journey we are so glad that you wanted to join us on our journey's to serving our friends, families and communities. Work your way through the tasks below at a speed  right for you, enjoy it and we really hope that you learn so much more for your own personal journey! Step 1-???? are also in the Wholesale Customer Section and therefore you can skip these or start again if you feel you need a refresh!

Step 1: Find a Notebook, Folder and Ringbinder
Your notebook will play a really important role in your journey. Here you can write things that you have learnt and want to remember, blends your testing out, daily routines and so much more!
Your folder will be really useful to store all of your workbooks, product guides, magazines etc.
Your ringbinder will be great to store all of your worksheets, notes, handouts, etc. Consider printing out each of these sheets as you go or/and make a computer file especially for all of your downloads.
Step 2: Which Guides Should You Look At?
Have a look at the guide below as to which guides you should start with.
Step 3: What is Your Doterra Journey?
Have a think as to where you want to go with Doterra.
Step 4: The Key Guides
Below are the key guides that anyone starting with Doterra will use.  Click on the links to for the download and step by step guidance. You can buy these guides in printed format.
The Health Puzzle
The Puzzle Pieces
Lifestyle Medicine
Clinic Address
Coming Soon
Clinic Phone Number
Coming Soon
About The Health Puzzle
What is Lifestyle Medicine?
About Josie
The Health Puzzle Clinic
Toxic Load
Mental Health
Medical Care
The Health Puzzle Shop 
Product Recommendations

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