Mental and Physical Health Suppression
  • Suppression is when “One gets the manifestation of an illness to disappear, without having healed the illness” (S. Hahnemann)
  • If symptoms are suppressed, the body finds different ways to express itself. The results are deeper-seated problems which are more detrimental to body functions and longevity.
  • Suppression masks the illness and drives it further into the body.
    • For example, consider metastases as result of cancer treatments.
  • Emotional symptoms can also be suppressed and can cause severe physical conditions.
  • Suppression can occur in different ways:
    • Suppression of emotions
    • Suppression of natural body secretions
    • Topical applications - Surgical removals
    • Suppression of recurring infections
    • Suppression of fever and pain
    • Suppression of natural immunity
  • The suppression of emotions including anger, sorrow, worries and annoyance can occur due to anti-depressant drug use.
    • Anti-depressive drugs or Hypnosis lead to a deep-seated anxiety and unhappy individuals, not functional in society.
    • When a person’s deep-seated desires in life are suppressed, diseases can manifest.
    • Example: A son took over his father’s company (not to offend his father). However, he had a deep-seated wish to become a musician. He gave up his dream and could not say “no”. As a result, he was never truly happy emotionally, which led to the development of physical problems.
  • By suppressing body secretions such as sweat, you are suppressing the body’s attempt to detox.
    • Antiperspirants contribute to many health problems, including even breast cancer.
    • Gerson argued that more & more men are getting breast cancer because of antiperspirant use.
    • It is much better to use natural deodorants (free of toxins & aluminium) that allow toxin excretion.
    • Excessive sweating under the arms could be a sign of liver weakness or the circulation system over-reacting
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