Bath Bomb Recipes
Below are a range of bathbomb recipes, if you have tried and loved any that do not appear here then make sure your get in touch!
Bath Bomb Mix 1
4 tsp Beetroot Powder
10 Drops Doterra Serenity Essential Oil
1 Cup Bicarbonate of Soda
1 Cup of Citric Acid
1/2 Cup Arrow Root Powder
Sprinkle of Dried Rose Petals
Sweet Almond Oil
1) Sieve the Beetroot Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid and Arrow Root Powder into a bowl and mix together
2) While mixing add the Essential Oil
3) While mixing, slowly add the Sweet Almond Oil and continue until it just reaches the texture/consistency of sandcastle ready sand. To test see if it holds itself together. Be very careful not to add too much oil as it will expand and foam in the mould uncontrollably (been there, done that!).
4) Decide how you wish to add the rose petals to the mix/mould (see tips)
5) Now spoon the mixture into a mould/s (silicon is best but a mug will also work)
6) Leave to dry overnight and then it is ready to use!
Additional Tips
When you add the rose petals you can put them in the mould first so they appear on top when you take it out, you could mix them in the recipe in the bowl to have them throughout or for a surprise place them in the middle!
You can replace Doterra Serenity with your favourite oil just make sure it is suitable for bathing in.
It will be very moisturising which is great as you do not need to use any body moisturiser but it will make you hair oily if it touches the water...just to let you know.