Hello my name is Josie! I am the founder of The Health Puzzle and I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate!

I would love to welcome you into a whole new world of health and wellbeing in the form of essential oils. These are not something I really used before I attended my first class and I had no idea what they were actually capable of other than smelling lovely. Well that is all changed now through education and the social connections I have made. 

One thing for sure is that essential oils are powerful little things that can really support both your health and that of all those your love!

How Have I Used Essential Oils To Enhance My Health Puzzle?

I attended my first essential oils class at a time when I had run out of options within conventional healthcare for my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and anxiety. I did not have the tools at the time to deal with it easily on my own and it seemed that I had no choice but to go to a professional. I always knew that I would fight to regain my health and I just needed to know the steps that I needed to take to make that happen. After my first class I felt so much hope I felt like doTerra would help me with so many different things and I can tell you......it did!

One of the first things that I used was a Past Tense Rollerball on the back of my neck to try and relieve my tension headaches and neck discomfort. I half wanted it to work but then half of me believed it would do nothing. After just a few minutes I had more relief than from any of the pain killers I had taken up to then. I tried it many times before I was actually convinced as I just really could not believe it to be effective. 

Another product that really left a lasting impression was doTerra's Mito2Max supplements, I was reluctant a the time to take something I did not fully understand but I was told by someone else in the team that they had had such a good effect I wanted in. I took one a day and within 9 days everyone including me noticed that I had more energy the biggest sign being that I kept doing little dances with a big grin on my face. I continue to take these daily and after learning about what is actually in them and what they are doing through my nutrition course I know them to be a really great supplement!

I have so many stories to tell of both my own and others about how the oils and other products can help but the most important thing is to start making your own!

Why doTerra?

Unfortunately there are limited regulations for essential oils meaning that you cannot be sure what is in the bottle you are purchasing even if it says 100% pure. With doTerra however 

There are so many essential oil brands out there and if like me you have no knowledge of essential oil then you many not ask the right questions to get the best and safest oils for your money and health. It is therefore worth asking the following questions:

1) How and where are the plants grown?

2) How and were are the plants harvested?

3) What is the distillation process?

4) How are the products tested?

5) Are the oils safe for consumption?

doTerra can very clearly answer these questions and go above and beyond many other companies to guarantee what is in every bottle and that it has been made with so much love. It is really of worth having a look into doTerras co-impact sourcing model as it is very moving and heart warming. If you would like to know the answers to the questions above then be sure to check out the doTerra website and if you have any more questions be sure to ask in The Health Puzzle Doterra Facebook group!


What To Do Next?


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I Look Forward To Seeing How doTerra Can Help You On Your Own Health Journeys!


All My Love

Josie x