Lady Time Recommendations
Below are some recommendations for products that you might want to try yourself! Any suggestions make sure to contact us!
Panty Liners
Natracare Panty Liners (Mini)
Description: These are a personal staple of mine, I get them from my local wholefoods shop. They are more expensive than those in the supermarket but having less toxic chemicals in my life is very important. I find that they work well and are comfy to wear. 
Pros: Plastic Free, Perfume Free, Chlorine Free, Certified Organic, Vegan Approved, Ethical Award, Comfy, Easy to Use,
Cons: Travelled From Sweden, Will Still End Up in Landfill, They Are Not That Mini, Cotton Still Needs a Lot of Water to Grow.
Natracare Cotton Tampons
Description: I got these as an alternative to toxic filled tampons. They are wrapped in paper which meant they got a little destroyed in my bag but it is good to see it is not a thick layer of single use plastic. Work reasonably well, I had no issues. Still prefer a menstrual cup though. 
Pros: Plastic Free Packaging, Non Chlorine Bleached, Rayon Free, 100 Percent Organic Cotton, Highly Absorbent Fibre, Free From Chemical Additives
Cons: Will Still End Up in Landfill, Paper Packaging Easily Damaged
Menstrual Cup
Moon Cup
Description: This was the first menstrual cup that I tried. It took a really long time to get use to. I find that it does still leak, however, I think it is because I need a smaller one (unfortunately they do not do a smaller size). I love the packaging. The cup itself is smooth and a mix between soft and stiff making me feel more confident that it will be comfy yet supportive. I cannot compare it to another one yet but would like to try a smaller and softer one to see if it is any better. I really love menstrual cups, I am just not sure this one is right for me. However, if you are not quite so petite then I think it would be a great product. 
Pros: Won't Dry You Out, Change Far Less Over 24 Hours, Cheaper In The Long Run, No Dyes, No Perfumes, No BPA, No Plastic, No Bleaches, No Toxins, Vegan Certified, Ethically Sourced
Cons: Only Comes In Two Sizes, Sometimes It Pushes Into My Bladder, Can Hurt To Get Back Out, It Could Discolour Over Time.
Other Products
Doterra Clary Calm
Description: This product smells lovely and is a nice product to use around my lady cycle. I have not found it to be a wonder product, however, I do not take the time to do three deep inhales when I use it which could make a big difference. For some however it really does soothe their emotions, helps when feeling flushed and helps to balance  their mood. To more information click HERE, to get your please contact us!
Pros: Smells Amazing, Looks Pretty, Ethical, Natural, Toxic Free, Calms and Relaxes, Pre-Blended
Cons: You Need a Doterra Account or Know Someone Who Does To Purchase It, Only Partially Recyclable Packaging, Apply Frequently