Perfection isn't the Answer
Are you 
Navigating the world of health and wellness with Nutritionist, Amelia Freer, Deliciously Ella The Podcast
This is an amazing podcast that almost gives you permission to be more gentle with yourself, that what you are doing is enough and that the journey to better nutrition does not need to be expensive or complicated. A great place to start or come back to on your journey.
Managing Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Stress with Dana Monsees, CNS
This is a really great podcast, they discuss their type a personalities of going through periods of their lives aiming for perfection and the health issues that resulted. They offer tips and advice on how to overcome it and the importance of making positive adaptions to your sleep and nutrition.
Lessons in happiness from around the world with Helen Russell
I listened to this podcast one morning while eating my breakfast and it really made me feel content and happy with a real boost to look at the positives of life! 
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