Diary of a Student Nutritionist - Week 14 - Student Clinic Day

This was an exciting clinic day as we spent most of the day watching follow up appointments for clients that had their initials before Christmas. It was really encouraging to see how just small changes to peoples diet and lifestyle was creating life-changing effects.

Obviously, it was hard over Christmas to start to implement the plans suggested, however, it was really encouraging that even when a client changed just one or two things it had a positive effect on their health and wellbeing. It really is amazing how much you can change in just 6 weeks with the right advice tailored to you.

It took most of the day for the class to really begin to get their heads around how to conduct a follow-up session. While practitioners seeing the clients had done research on ways to support their clients since the initial appointments, we all felt a bit in the dark about how to use the time effectively, how to fill in the paperwork, etc. This was because of lockdowns and most of the online videos of clinics were initial appointments, and as we never got to see the follow-ups we were all having to work it out as we went.

I was very glad that I did not have an appointment myself as it gave me the chance to see the best kind of questions to ask, how to fill in the paperwork effectively and how quickly the 20-minute intake, 20-minute paperwork section and 20-minute feedback felt like it went.

I was lucky enough to sit in with two clients and support the practitioners, this allowed me to get more experience of being in the room itself rather than watching on a screen. It also enables you to see how best to utilise your fellow colleagues and what is achievable to do in the time available. Plus it really keeps you alert when you are there ready to do your best for the practitioner with both emotional support and finding information as fast as the internet will allow!

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