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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lots of Veg

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Serves: 4-6


1 tbsp Olive Oil

6 tbsp Tamari Sauce

2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

1 Clove Garlic (Crushed)

1/2 Lemon (Squeezed)

1 tsp Grated Fresh or Dried Ginger

1 tsp Chipotle Flakes

1 Heaped Tbsp Brown Sugar

1/2 tsp Fresh or Dried Coriander *Optional

What Can I Put in A Stir-fry?

Carrots, Cabbage, Onions, Mushrooms, Broccolini, Courgette, Spring Onions, Leek, Green Beans, Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery, Beansprouts, Squash, Mangetout, Sugar Snap Peas, Aubergine, Baby Corn, Sweetcorn, Pak Choy, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Chilli, Peppers, Tomatoes, Peas, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Sultanas, Water Chestnuts, Cashews.


1) Wash and chop up your vegetables, nuts, etc. Then place them to one side.

2) Place all of the sauce ingredients into a bowl or jug and mix them together.

3) Fill a saucepan with water and bring to the boil.

4) Drizzle olive oil into a large frying pan or wok and allow it to heat up. You can test if it is hot enough by putting in a bit of veg and seeing if it sizzles.

5) If you have vegetables that need to be cooked for longer than the rest then place those into the pan first for a few minutes.

6) Place noodles into the saucepan of boiling water and follow timing instruction on the packet.

7) Place in the remaining ingredients into the pan and fry until the vegetables are at your prefered consistency i.e. warm but still raw or completely cooked through and soft.

8) A few minutes before the vegetables are cooked pour on the stir-fry sauce and mix until everything is covered. Cook for a further 2-3 minutes.

9) Drain the water from the noodles and place into a bowl.

10) Spoon on some of the stir-fry mix on top and serve.


You can swap out the tamari sauce for coconut aminos or regular soy sauce.

Crush your garlic 10 minutes before you want to use it as this allows the enzyme alliinase to work on the allicin within the garlic increasing its therapeutic potential.

Lasts 7 days in the fridge.

You could chop your vegetables and prepare the sauce in advance i.e. in the morning before you go to work/school. Just place all prepared ingredients in the fridge during the day to keep them fresh.

Placing the ingredients into separate bowls allows you to place the ingredients that might need extra cooking time i.e. squash or large chunks of carrot into the pan first to get a bit of extra time before putting in the rest of the ingredients.

You can use coconut oil instead of olive oil but just be sure not to use vegetable oil. This is because when you cook oil on a high heat which you do for a stir-fry, vegetable oils easily oxidise whereas olive oil and coconut oil oxidise less easily due to their higher antioxidant content. Oxidised oil has been shown to create inflammation in the body leading to lots of unwanted medical conditions.

You could also add some cooked meat or fish to the dish i.e. chicken.

In order to keep the dish warm for longer try placing your bowl into the microwave for 1 minute to heat it up before serving.

If you have leftovers then you can either allow it to cook and then put in the freezer for another day or warm it up either in a microwave or by putting in back into a frying pan and have it for lunch the next day. Just make sure that you treat the noodles like meat and make sure that it is very hot before serving.

There are lots of types of noodles other than rice so have a look and see if there are any others you might like to try.

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