How To Support Yourself Through Lockdown | Part 2

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So here we go again national lockdown number two. The worry about what is to come can become quite overwhelming but here I am going to tell you some lifestyle medicine strategies to put in place to support yourself through it. This is part 2 of a 4 part series so be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to find out when the next part is available!

3) Exercise

Starting or continuing exercise during lockdown is really important and can be a gift for many people who do not usually get so much time to get outside in nature for a walk or take part in an online class.

If you are struggling to exercise a few times a week work out what might be stopping you and find ways to overcome it. For example, if you are feeling really fatigued don't beat yourself up about it, instead ask yourself two questions 1) am I feeling tired because I have entered couch potato mode and movement will shift me out of it or 2) can I bring myself to do something more gentle such as a short walk or a yoga class online specifically for fatigue. I have recently come across a really great service The Yoga For Life Project who offer a range of online yoga classes during the week at a range of prices to suit all budgets including free for those who cannot afford anything.

If its boredom then consider downloading an audiobook or podcast to listen to while on your walk or run. I really love Audible* for audiobooks as there is such an amazing choice and you get your first book for free and can opt-out anytime with no strings attached. I love audiobooks and podcasts for when I am cooking, having a bath, doing crafts and puzzles as I find it really great for stopping my mind racing.

4) Sleep

Many people found that after a few weeks of late nights during the first lockdown that it made them feel rubbish, unproductive, more tired, less able to cope and by making the decision to create a sleep routine they not only felt better but felt more in control.

Sleep is really important for rest and repair as well as giving our brains time to sort through and make sense of things that happened that day. Therefore when life feels messy and confusing like it does in a lockdown your brain needs good quality sleep to help create some more clarity, control, understanding etc ready for the next day.

Having a morning and evening routine has been shown to act as a clear signal to the brain that when you complete it at roughly the same time each day you are fine, well and safe. When you do not complete that routine at the same time it becomes alerted that something might not be right and to prepare for possible danger. Therefore it is great to have a morning and evening routine over lockdown at roughly the same time each day to keep your brain and body in a calmer and more relaxed state.

Part 3 coming soon!

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