How To Support Yourself Through Lockdown | Part 3

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So here we go again national lockdown number two. The worry about what is to come can become quite overwhelming but here I am going to tell you some lifestyle medicine strategies to put in place to support yourself through it. This is part 3 of a 4 part series so be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to find out when the next part is available!

5) Toxic Load

Research has shown that our homes are more toxic than outside our homes with toxic chemicals from flame retardants in fabric, carpets, sofas etc, the dye in our clothes, perfume in our skincare to cleaning products. With lockdown and winter, we will spend a lot more time at home and therefore you will want to make it as safe and healthy as possible. While many things might be hard to avoid such as flame retardants it is important to change what you can afford to change.

Try 3 new swaps each month and over time you will make your home a better place to be lockdown or not. You may hear some people say but it won't have very much in or I am sure our livers can handle that little bit but if you are exposed to thousands of toxins a day those little bits really do add up. Below are some ideas to get you started:

- Switch to soy or beeswax candles

- Use essential oils to scent your products and as a perfume

- Wash fabrics before putting them up in your home or wearing them

- Eat as many organic items as you can afford and bonus they are often far more nutritious

- Switch your cleaning items for a DIY natural alternative

- Use white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil as a fabric softener

- Take your shoes off at the door to avoid walking unwanted things through your home

6) Mental Health

Looking after your mental health during this lockdown must take priority over anything else. It is easy to think you are invincible and that looking after your physical health is more important than your mental health. But just as your body is attached to you, your mind is attached to you and for that reason you want it to be as nice to be around as possible. Check in daily with yourself and see how you are doing. Then think how you could make it better i.e. 'I am really stressed', then consider a break, nap, less sugar, a hug, less caffeine, some yoga. Find tips and tricks that work for you so that you are not just left with that feeling and have no tools to get you through. If you notice that you are no longer fully in control as your tips and trick to helps just aren't cutting it then make sure to reach out to a mental health advisor and see you GP.

Part 4 coming soon!

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