My First Enema Experience: How Did I Do it? What did it feel like? Which Enema Kit?

I was horrified by the idea of an enema from the moment I first heard about them. I remember them being part of a detox recommendation welcome pack I received from my first nutritionist back in 2016 and crossed my fingers she would never recommend them.

It's now February 2021 and while I have come so far with my health i.e. overcoming aggoraphobia and fibromyalgia there are still a few health concerns holding me back which you can read about in my previous post. After watching the DIY detox summit last week enemas came up time and time again as part of the guest speakers weekly detox protocols. After about the fifth person recommended them to improve energy and feel great I gave in an purchased an enema kit.

Learning About How To Do An Enema From Start To Finish

I watched a few videos online first to see the types of kits people used and why, the positions they stay in, how to make the kit, how to clean the kit, etc. Below are some of my favorite videos that helped me:










Choosing A Kit

I would have loved to purchase a stainless steel enema bucket but as I had no idea if I would like it I decided to go for this one CLICK HERE (comission through purchases made via this link). From the videos I knew that I really wanted one with the tap higher up the hose so that it was easier to reach for better control and multiple nozzles just incase I struggled with any of them. I am really pleased with it and if I continue to do enemas then when my kit needs replacing will invest in a fancy stainless steel one.

Cleaning The Kit

I was really nervous about washing the kit so it would be competly safe but after watching a number of videos and reading the leaflet I felt better about it. I opened the packet and choose my attachment (longest one as recommended in the videos). Then put the bottle, tubing and attachment into a bowl of hot water with washing up liquid (most natural I could find) and a dash of witch hazel and washed everything. Then I closed the tap, filled the bottle and hung it up so that the solution was held inside. I let out a bit of the water through the hose so that the tube was full and then left it for 10 minutes. Once this was done I then let the solultion out and rinsed it through with some clean water. I then assembled the kit and move onto getting the coffee ready.

Once you have used the kit you repeat this process but use a straw cleaner to get into the nozzle to make sure it is clean inside and out. Then either hang the bag and hoze outside over the washing line to dry or over a curtain pole The most important thing is for it to dry quickly and throughly. Drying it is sunlight is best as the sun has a naturally antibacterial, fungal and mould effect. Once dry put it back into the bag it came it ready for next time.

While I do not think you need to wash it before every use I am just to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Preparing the Coffee (Or Other Liquid)

When I was watching the DIY detox summit they kept taking about coffee enemas as they are amazing at supporting the liver, gall bladder and bowel. However, you can do a range of different mixes in the enema, such as chamomile or even garlic. Just be sure to do your research first before doing an enema to make sure it is right for you and you are using something best suited for your condition.

I choose some mould free organic coffee (I choose ground but grinding it yourself would be much better). Put 1 tbsp of coffee into a large saucepan and added 2L of filtered water and then boilded it. You can work your way up to 3 tbsp of coffee but start with just one. Once this is boiled then let it cool to body temperature (this is the most dangeous part as you do not want it to be hot). Then use a stainless streel loose tea filter (if you live in Frome, Somerset these can be purchased in Millers, if you do not then they are available online CLICK HERE) and strain the coffee into a glass jug.

Getting the Kit Set Up

I then set up the bathroom with an old towel on the floor near the loo with olive oil and a 15 minute timer by the side. I then got the enema bag and held it over the bath and poured the coffee in the top (I forgot to close the tap first so be sure to do that or you will loose some). Using the hook hang the bag up somewhere that is about half a metre to a metre above the floor. Open the tap over the bath to allow the enema tube to be completly filled with no air bubbles. You are now ready to go!

How did I feel?

I found it really hard to concentrate on getting everything ready and I did feel pretty panicy. Plus you have to do an enema upon rising before breakfast and I can never conetrate well before breakfast. I am glad I watched the videos in advance when I was not panicing so that when it came to it I largely was able to just follow the steps.

Inserting the Enema Nozzle

You then lie down on your side and bring your knees up either on an old dark towel on the floor or in the bath. Pros of bath is that you feel less worried about the possibility of the water going all over the floor. Cons of the bath is that you have to climb out of the bath when you feel like you are going to shit yourself. Pros of the floor near the loo is that it is easy when you need to use the loo and feel better knowing it is close by. Cons of the floor is that its not a normal place you usually lie like you do in the bath tub which feels weird and you are worried about what could happen if you could not make it to the loo in time. Then rub some olive oil onto the end of the nozzle and insert it.

How did I feel?

This bit was one of the weirdest and for me it did take a few seconds to be able to get it in (tip is to relax and go slowely). I found that it sent a message to my brain that I needed the loo but this feeling went away once it was in position and I relaxed.

Releasing the Fluid

Then turn the tap slowely and you will be able to either hear the fluid moving or feel it with your hand on the tubing. I went between opening it more and then quickly shutting it off and opening it so it would come out gently...not really sure which one was best so experiment. Once the fluid is out remove the nozzle and set your timer for 15 minutes.

How did I feel?

I was so nervous about this bit and what it might feel like. It didnt feel quite how I expected as I assumed that I would feel unfomfortable as water moved through my colon but that was not the case at least for me. Instead I couldnt really feel the water moving through, just hear some stomach grumbling like when you are hungry a few times. But the thing that was worse than I imagined is the feeling that you are going to shit yourself . This feeling would come and go as you put the solution in and when you were lying with it inside. I do feel this is something I will get more use to as I use the muscles, trust that I can hold it in and learn how to tell when it means quick go to the loo now and hold on it will pass.

Releasing the nozzle was way better then I throught. I expected to feel like taking a plug out but that was not the case instead it felt no different then when I put it in.

Lying for 15 Minutes

I led on the right side first 5 minutes, back for 5 minutes and left for 5 minutes. I did however move around a bit when I got any urges to release the liquid which did help. 15 minutes is the amount of time it take for your blood to travel around your system once and is able to release some of its toxins into the enema solution. If you cannot last that long you can either have multiple goes or work your way up.

How did I feel?

It was a weird feeling lying in my bathroom floor trying not to shit myself, while also being excited about the prospect of doing something positive for my health. It was hard when you did suddenly get an urge to go but it did pass and then would come back, pass and come back. I was too scared to massage my tummy incase it make it worse. There was no pain, now weird water moving around feelings, no sudden coffee buzz and no feeling of fullness. If you can get over the idea of feeling like if you farted you would shit yourself then you can do an enema just fine.

Going to the Toilet

Once the time is up or you really just need to go, sit on the toilet and try to release it as gently as possible (if you cannot go gently do not worry but do try). You need to sit there for about 10 minutes but this depends on how much solution you have taken in and personal fluctations. I then had a shower once I was done to feel clean again.

How did it feel?

My god I was not expecting explosive diahhrea! I expected the water to come out simular to going for a pee but that was not the can as it really was like having diahhrea. I did find this a little alarming and not very relaxing but I imagine over time I will be able to release it more gently with practice. The loo was a right mess which is so gross but I thought you might like to be pre-warned.

How was the rest of the day after the enema?

I felt really quite rubbish after the enema like I really did have diahhrea. I felt tired and was really worried I might suddenly need the loo again. I was sad as I expected to feel really energised and refreshed but that was not the case.

How was your Second Enema?

The second enema was so much better, I was more relaxed, felt able to massage my tummy without shitting myself and was less messy with it. It was easier inserting the nozzle as I was less nervous but I did find it harder to stay the full 15 minutes lasting about 13 minutes before really needing to go. I think this was because I was more gassy before starting and its movement seems to be what causes the sudden pressure and need to go.

After the enema I felt not better or worse than I did before I started this time and did not feel like I might shit myself all day long which was great. I get the feeling as I do it more I will feel better and better afterwards. Hopefully the ill feeling I had after the first one was all of the toxins being released....hopefully.

Top 10 Tips

1) Remember to set everything up before you get started i.e. timer and olive oil

2) Add a small pinch of salt into the coffee solution to help with electrolytes

3) Drink a pint of water while your sat on the loo to avoid dehydration

4) Drink a glass of juice with 1 tsp honey and a pinch of salt to help with your electrolyes once you are finished

5) Use a dark towel

6) Know where you are going to put the nozzle when you take it out i.e. bath or a bowl

7) Relax as much as you can

8) Watch some videos the night before to get use the process

9) Do the enema upon rising before eating

10) Do your research about if they are right for you and which solutions are best

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