What I Will Implement Into My Life After Watching 'The DIY Detox Summit'.

Last week I spent hours and hours watching recordings of speakers talking about all things detox. This summit covered so much more than I ever imagined from mould toxins to EMF. From this summit, I have gained so much knowledge and hope for improving my own health as well as improving the health of my clients when I am a fully trained nutritionist.

I have come so far on my healing journey but still, struggle with fatigue and hate how much it is holding me back from enjoying life to its full. I also struggle with leaky gut and am searching and searching for the root cause of both so that I am able to truly fix the problem.

In January 2021 I ran a number of tests and found that my vitamin, mineral and amino levels were all great and my Krebs cycle (that which the body uses to produce energy) was in pretty good shape. However, I found that I have high levels of heavy metals, the top ones being Thallium, Cadmium and Arsenic; I have high levels of Ochratoxin A a toxin produced by mould; I also have suspected hydrogen sulfide SIBO and I would not be surprised if I tested it that my body would also be high in a number of other toxic chemicals such as glyphosate. All of these are toxic to the body and can impact gastrointestinal health (possibly a big contributor to my gut issues), energy and a whole load of other symptoms.

Once I had my test results I then did a little bit of research into what I could do to reduced these levels of toxin in my body. It was lucky that just a few weeks after getting the results I was able to watch a whole week of educational videos called the DIY detox summit. It was incredible and gave me so many great bits of information about what to do plus so many more things I have never even thought of.

Here are all of the things that I would like to implement over the next few weeks and the next few years to help my body detox from toxins that are currently overloading me:

Start Now

- Daily skin brushing.

- Epsom salt baths 3x week.

- Coffee Enema 2x week.

- Open my curtains and look at the sky for a minute before turning on any artificial light.

- Wake up at the same time every day (even weekends).

- Sing.

Do Over The Next Few Weeks

- Take to my nutritionist about binders.

- Test and check the house for mould.

- Swap all personal care products for the most natural ones possible.

- Make homemade kimchi and have 1tbsp with lunch and dinner.

- Buy blue light blocking glasses and wear 2 hours before bed.

- Find more natural and safe items for products I use every day i.e. pens, clothes, etc.

- Swap food and drink that I consume frequently for more organic, grass-fed, wild, etc options.

Implement Over The Next Few Years (Money Holding Me Back)

- Swap kitchen items for safer alternatives.

- Use a far infrared sauna 3x week for 30 minutes.

- Measure the EMF levels in my house and look to rectify this.

- Use an air purifier in any room I spend lots of time in.

- Filter water either using reverse osmosis or Berkey systems (Brita isn't good enough).

I just wish now that I could win the lottery so I am able to put into practice everything I have learnt as they all seem super important. I will need to work with my nutritionist now to decide which are the most important to do first to have the greatest effect.

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