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Below are some recommendations for products that you might want to try yourself! If you know of something that everyone needs to know about then please contact us!
Mito2Max (Doterra)
Description: This is a staple in my daily supplement routine as I recover/manage my chronic fatigue. I found it worked for me with 9 days and recommend it to anyone with energy issues. To find out more information click HERE and to buy yours visit the contact section!
Pros: Earn Points on Purchases, Get 25% Discount When You Sign Up, GMO and Gluten Free, No Come Down, Not Addictive, Can Be Ordered Automatically Each Month
Cons: Plastic Packaging, Have To Buy Using A Doterra Account, Only Recommended For Adults, Travels Over From America, Postage Charge
Vitamin B Complex Supreme
Description: Vitamin B Complex, together with associated nutrients, plays a key role in the body’s vital metabolism. It contributes to the health of the nervous, digestive system and the skin.
Pros: Glass Container, Easy To Swallow, Just Once A Day, Free From: Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Gluten, Dairy, Artificial Colouring, Preservaties and Flavourings.
Cons: Plastic Lid, Not Vegan, Contains Soybean, Not Suitable For Use During Planned Pregnancy, Pregnancy or Breast-feeding