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Below are some recommendations for products that you might want to try yourself! If you know of something that everyone needs to know about then please contact us!
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Mito2Max (Doterra)
Description: This is a staple in my daily supplement routine as I recover/manage my chronic fatigue. I found it worked for me with 9 days and recommend it to anyone with energy issues. To find out more information click HERE and to buy yours visit the contact section!
Pros: Earn Points on Purchases, Get 25% Discount When You Sign Up, GMO and Gluten Free, No Come Down, Not Addictive, Can Be Ordered Automatically Each Month
Cons: Plastic Packaging, Have To Buy Using A Doterra Account, Only Recommended For Adults, Travels Over From America, Postage Charge
Vitamin B Complex Supreme
Description: Vitamin B Complex, together with associated nutrients, plays a key role in the body’s vital metabolism. It contributes to the health of the nervous, digestive system and the skin.
Pros: Glass Container, Easy To Swallow, Just Once A Day, Free From: Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Gluten, Dairy, Artificial Colouring, Preservaties and Flavourings.
Cons: Plastic Lid, Not Vegan, Contains Soybean, Not Suitable For Use During Planned Pregnancy, Pregnancy or Breast-feeding