Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic

Coming Autumn 2022 'The Health Puzzle Clinic' where you can book in for an appointment to see Josie Shillabeer for a nutrition and lifestyle consultation. 

Consultations will be offered in-person in Frome, Somerset (location to be confirmed) or online via zoom.

Please join the waiting list by sending an email to


Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

The discovery call will allow you to get to know Josie and what she can offer. While letting your know what services might work best for what you would like to achieve.


Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will last approximately 2 hours and we will dig deep into the systems of your body as well as your food diary, medication, family history and so much more. This will then allow us to work out a plan to help support your journey to greater health.



Green Apples

Follow Up Consultations

Your health status will determine how long it might take to reach your goals and therefore while someone might be able to have 2-3 follow-ups others might need 12+. This will be discussed in your discovery call. During a follow-up consultation, we will discuss how you have got on with your plan and adjust it to meet your needs while adding in new things to progress your health even further. 



Functional Testing

While you can create a great nutritional plan without tests, you can really speed up your progress and reduce the need for unnecessary supplements and diet protocols with them. These can be saliva, blood, stool or urine tests that range from testing nutrient deficiencies to genetic profiles.

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